njit studio III

Architecture Studio III, Greenpoint Pier + Museum
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fall 2018, Adjunct Professor

Utilizing knowledge and skills gained in Introduction to Design I and II, students learn principles of architectural design. The studio will examine the technological, social and environmental issues related to their design proposal.

“Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together.” – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Students: Amber Eiserle, Hussain Quresgi, Erika Chimbo, Anuradha Kadam, Gerard Losurdo, Samantha Garcia, Thomas Chaballa, Trevor Devorak

Architecture is understood with reference to its constituent parts and informed by how you define the part and how you think about the relation between parts. A building is made from systems of parts. System thinking is certainly not exclusive to architecture. Students are asked to research specific forms of aggregation. Students will develop diagrams and systemetic understanding of these aggregation. Students will then be asked to test their methods towards architectural problems such as structure, envelope or aperture. Instead of recreating a given form students will be asked to diagram and study system’s behavior, performance, flexibility and variability that allows the systems to adapt to context and programmatic needs. Based on the rules that students extract form the aggregate students will develop components for architectural systems such as building elements and their possible relationships.