Project Information

  • Interior Apartment Gut Renovation
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Floor Area: 1,000 sf
  • Date of Completion: 2017

Images © Praxes

Located in Clinton Hill, this two bedroom apartment was designed for an architect with an appreciation for art, light and openness. The owner wanted to create peaceful surroundings with abundant light, low furniture, natural materials and color. Low bookcase along the west wall of the living room provides ample storage for books, records and architectural models. Raw mango wood dining table, bar stools and coffee table bring warmness to the house and join together living and dining areas. For a compact kitchen, architect selected white cabinet doors and white oyster shell backsplash which gently reflects light. The second bedroom is designed as a guest room and office. Orange color light fixture, painting, pillow accentuate architecture of the room by directing attentions towards light and windows. All furniture in bedroom was also kept low and simple to create open feeling. Light emerald carpet, white chest of drawers, and gray color bed with fabric finish create relaxing and tactile environment. It also provides great canvas for owner’s art collection. The apartment has two corridors, the main corridor from the entrance door looking toward the office captures changes of the light throughout the day. The owner wanted to keep the path of the light as minimal as possible. The other corridor leading toward the bedroom is designed for a small scale art work.