Pratt Smallest Room

Interior Design Studio, Smallest Room
Pratt Institute, Spring 2018, Visiting Assistant Professor

Continuing the introduction to a sustainable design practice and the understanding of social boundaries, a space is defined for a single person to “perform” a ritual within. The design is informed by a thorough investigation rooted in human movement, occupancy, consumption, and site specificity. Everyday small spaces and contemporary archetypal spaces of worship are studied, documented and discussed as precedents; such as the intimate interior environment of a bathroom, a public changing room, a closet, the vast interior landscape of a gothic cathedral, a heated Bikram yoga room… This is a group project built at 1:1 scale to test real occupancy.

Students:  Alexandra Ellerkamp, Ryan Gilrane, Giselle Lauway, JuYeon Lee, Wanlu Liu, Mallika Mehrotra, Niyati Shah,  Mahzad Soheili, Ningxin Zhang, Shenyi Zhang, Boshan Zhou