njit studio IV

Architecture Studio IV, Temples of Freedom
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Fall 2017, Adjunct Professor 

In the spring semester, students will be asked to apply their understanding of the critical and practical design tools and methods taught in the fall semester and apply them to a broader and more complex set of design explorations.

Students: Kelly Barragan, Alexander Kwok, Emma Lamparelli, Henry, Ricatto, Renae Van Grouw

The studio will use masonry construction and its logic of unit aggregation as the genesis of exploration. Unit aggregation is understood to be an organizing logic for the design projects at various scale, site strategy to folly design, from conceptual to physical. The studio’s aim is to stay true to the structural and tectonic properties of masonry, learning how the material could respond a logic of assemblage, true to material avoiding treatment as a not specific building, generic material or veneer.

Studio also incorporates historical and critical research which will establish a framework within how we understand masonry as a building technology. Students will become familiar with both traditional and emerging construction techniques as well as historical precedents. Students will be expected to develop a critical position regarding masonry in particular: structure, construction technique and representation.