take nine

Praxes, Uniqlo Grant Proposal, Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, 2017

Take Nine is designed to interact with their surroundings. It invites participants to take a moment to either have a seat or walk leisurely through the canopy, all the while enjoying the veil of nature that Take Nine creates, one that momentarily separates participants from the hustle and bustle of urban life.


The installation is to be built from recyclable natural material for structure and finish, primarily wood. Take Nine consists of a nine square grid “canopy” and nine “columns”, approximately 18’x18’x8’, made from structural plywood panels. Each column is assembled with eight L shape members which act as vertical and horizontal structural members, columns and beams, at the same time. In lieu of typical post and beam framing systems, L shape members tailored from plywood panel provide unique form and ease of construction. Two L shape members are connected with structural ties and four pairs of these members arranged radially to compose individual columns. Wood has warmth that contributes positively to the human response.

In addition to the project responding to the existing context of the site, Take Nine is also designed to respond to the varying program needs of the community. The base structure is designed to provide structural stability without using direct anchors to the site grounds. It acts as connected “roots” for the trees by reinforcing stability of columns/beams while providing seating elements to accommodate various programs. The project could be experienced through intimate moments of simultaneous small gatherings, or through larger planned audiences. Fort Greene Park is host to the annual Fort Greene Summer Literary Festival, and its Conservancy operates a summer concert series.