City of Dreams Pavilion Proposal, 2015

Project Information
Location: Governor’s Island, New York
Site Area: ~2,000 ft2
Project Type: Temporary installation
Project Budget: USD 9,700
Program: Multi-purpose Venue

Shifted infinity loop shape pavilion invites people to the central stage from all directions. The striated screen creates sheer enclosure; its openness provides visual connectivity between inside and outside of the pavilion. The audience can follow performances from the distance. Double layered screens create paths to the pavilion and their incrementally varying heights mediate pavilion’s presence in a vast open space. Continuous waves of the screens and convex/concave shape structure define zones for the multiple uses, various activities and performances can happen simultaneously.
The pavilion’s rigid frames and flexible screens are made out of reclaimed lumbers and veneers. The materiality, coupled with its structural & architectural property, creates the soft yet rigid interfaces for the public. The material, reclaimed wood, has been selected under the following considerations. Wood composes 45% of construction waste and 33% of demolition waste, by far the largest. With industry’s increasing effort to recycle, reclaimed lumbers are relatively affordable and accessible. WAVE is designed to emphasize wood’s various material properties by its creative use – wood is not only used as rigid structural members, wood veneers are also used as flexible screens. The holistic use of the material expands its potential. The crescent shape seating panels tie vertical and horizontal frames together and as a unit, they are acting as space frame. Also the seating and podium constitute bases of the free standing structure and prevent them from turning. Activities and interactions evolve around the continuous WAVES of this circular pavilion.