Transforum vol.1 Editorial

Trasforum vol.1, Editor, Columbia University GSAPP + Transforum

Co-founder & Co-editor

Transforum is intended to be a series of discussions that exchange ideas across different fields of built design, particularly in between the United States and Korea.

Transforum is an active agent through publications of research and design in the rapidly-moving architectural waves in/between Korea and the States. Through series of academic/professional seminars since 2007, we selected distinguished project for this exciting opportunity in support of Columbia University GSAPP. We are grateful to the participating authors for allowing us to publish interviews, their essays and images.

Edited by: Jinpyo Eun, Jinwoo Heo, JiYoung Kim, Kyung Jae Kim, YeaHwa Kim, Yong Ju Lee, Suzan Babba

Contributors: Suzan Babaa, Byoungsoo Cho, Minsuk Cho (Mass Studies), Jeffery Inaba, Hong Lee, Eric Liftin & So Young Park (MESH Architecture), Michael Morris & Yoshiko Sato (Morris Sato Studio), Soo-in Yang (The Living), Mark Rakatansky