d3 New York

d3 New York

Since 2010, Ji Young has been a co-director of competitions and advisory board member of d3, a New York-based organization committed to innovation in art, architecture and interior design which provides collaborative opportunities for artists, architects, designers, and students from around the world.


Excerpt from d3’s Mission Statement:


Founded in 2008, d3 is an organization committed to advancing innovative positions in art, architecture, and design by providing a collaborative environment for artists, architects, designers, and students from throughout New York City and around the world. Our program of exhibitions, events, competitions, and publications is focused on generating dialogue and collaboration across geographic, ideological, and disciplinary boundaries in art and the built environment. d3 investigates new approaches to connecting, form, space, and materiality with innovative notions of interiority and exteriority at various scales.


d3 advances the creative community’s collective vision by providing freedom, resources, and an audience. The organization is dedicated to fostering new perspectives on contemporary art, architecture, and design by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists, architects, designers, and curators. d3 is committed to providing a collaborative environment for experimentation, that identifies synergies between design practice, mass media, popular culture, and the avant-garde, while establishing a supportive framework that enriches the interdisciplinary art-architecture-design community.


d3 enables emerging artists, architects, and designers to engage the public in a vital dialogue about contemporary art and design. To that end, d3’s exhibition program and publications promote community-building by connecting the creative community with patrons, collectors, and the general public. d3 interacts directly with artists, architects, and designers and promotes excellence and experimentation in gallery exhibitions, international competitions, residencies, and publications.


d3 formerly occupied warehouse space in the industrial district of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To broaden its reach, d3 is currently occupying temporal spaces in and beyond New York. Since 2010, d3 has been collaborating with galleries in New York, Houston, Cleveland, Ankara, Savannah, Monterrey, and universities across North America.